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Model: Castor Oil Moisturizing And Nourishing
100 % Pure Castor Oil Is Expeller-Pressed from The Seed of Ricinus Communes and Is Virtually Odorless. While Its Use Is Applicable to Many Other Areas of Wellness, Castor Oil Is Considered by Many to Be One of The Finest Natural Skin Emollients Available Today. Also Known as Palma Christi (..
Ex Tax:₦3,500.00
Model: Lavender Skin Repair Essence
  Lavender Skin Repair Essence Skin Scar Remover Wound Scar Remover Burn Scar Remover Stretch Mark Remover Surgery Scar Remover After Birthmark Remover Clothes For Skin Lavender Skin Essence100% Natural Repairs damaged skin heals up scars from wounds Removes stretc..
Ex Tax:₦4,000.00
Model: alpha arbitin serum
Alpha Arbutin leavening Intense Venut WhiteAlpha arbutin has a melanin inhibiting properties.Arbutin and other plant extract are considered safe alternative to commonly used depigmenting agents to make the skin fairer. blocks tyrosinous activity and reduces the skins melanin(pigmentation)protec..
Ex Tax:₦2,800.00
The Ultra-white serum is an active complement for your skincare. The Ami White lightening serum contains fatty acids very efficiently to treat phalanx, elbow, and knees which are always difficult to light. The Ami white serum contributes towards skin lightening and toning down skin parchedness. Resu..
Ex Tax:₦3,000.00
Model: Andrea Fastest Hair & Beard Growth Essence
Ex Tax:₦1,500.00
Model: Beauty Series
Dark spot remover cream for knees, knuckles, and blackhead. Fades away and unifies for a brighter overall skin typeseffectiveResult in 3-5daysSkin Perfecting Serum,(For Dark Spot, Thighs & Knuckles)Beauty Series Skin Perfecting Serum is a concentrated formula that removes stubborn dark spots and..
Ex Tax:₦6,000.00
BIOAQUA ESSENCE MOIST REPAIR OIL Hydrating Smooth Wrinkle Anti-aging Silky Serum Face Cream Whitening 30ML..
Ex Tax:₦2,500.00
Model: Flawless
FLAWLESS SECRET GLOW SERUM is designed as a Sensual and therapeutic whitening dark cell and removal Cream. This serum flawlessly eliminates dark knuckle, dead cell, hyperpigmentation, skin discolorations, uneven skin tone, sunburn...
Ex Tax:₦2,500.00
Collagen Xtra White Eclaircisssant Serum is formulated with special ingredients that help you to achieve a uniform and clear complexion, free-blemish, and even-toned skin...
Ex Tax:₦3,000.00
Collagen Xtra White Eclaircisssant Serum - 100ml  is formulated with special ingredients that help you to achieve a uniform and clear complexion, free-blemish, and even-toned. Mix with body lotion..
Ex Tax:₦3,500.00
Model: Crude kenacol
Crude kenacol 100ml Raw ingredient used for pro mixingattention:  this will come with different type of bottle but all must be 100mlThis is a highly concentrated lightening treatment, that you will mix with your cream, soap, lotion, also it help prevents all types of skin infection , skin react..
Ex Tax:₦18,500.00
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